Saturday, 27 August 2016

If A Blog Entry Is Written But Nobody Mentions It On Social Media, Does It Exist?

If you've been reading this blog and enjoying it so far - or even if you've hated every word, but just want to feel outraged and angry every single time I press the "publish" button - you can now be kept updated on Social Media.

The Facebook page is here, and will include any relevant blog updates, YouTube videos I find or have uploaded, and links to relevant news stories. It's not going to be a "noisy" experience, though (especially if Facebook have anything to do with it - you'll probably only actually see one update out of every five unless I throw them £100 every week).

There's a YouTube page of mine largely filled with Chart Show specialist (mostly indie) charts which has been around forever, and is definitely excellent background viewing material.

I'm also on Twitter with a general account here, where I do talk about music a lot and will keep everyone updated about new entries here and on the other blog "Left and to the Back", but don't be surprised if I veer off on to other subjects occasionally as well.

Oh, and there's Google Plus, if you're the sort of contrarian who mainly uses Google Plus. I met one once, and I was surprised.


  1. I've just discovered this blog and it looks great. I started collecting the Indie Top 20s after seeing a review of the first one in Melody Maker. I ended up buying the lot (including the four best ofs). An excellent series and it's really good to see somebody dedicating a blog to it. One thing I didn't like was the fact that the CD versions started dropping tracks - they should really have released them as doubles. I have linked both your blogs onto mine A Pop Fan's Dream. Over there, I have reviewed a few indie comps like Rave, Loaded, Happy Daze 1 and 2, Rave I (the German one with a baggy vibe). All the best.

  2. Ah, Rave and Happy Daze! I might do a brief spin-off entry on those myself when we actually get to that point... The rivalry between Beechwood and Telstar and Island was quite intense at that point.

    You're absolutely right about Beechwood dropping tracks on the CDs as well, which is something else I'm definitely going to cover. Not unprecedented, though, as you know - Virgin/ EMI also pulled the same trick with the first few Now! CDs. Beechwood just carried on and on with it, though. Anyway, we'll get on to that point in good time!