Thursday, 15 December 2016

Indie Top Video Take Four featuring Family Cat

Year of Release: 1990

And the VHS version of Indie Top 20 rolled on ahead, getting increasingly difficult to find stocked in the likes of HMV and Our Price, but there nonetheless, refusing to give up the ghost.

There's really not terribly much to say about Volume Four of this enterprise, as it only contains one bonus video for a track we haven't discussed elsewhere - but let's plough ahead. Links to the other tracks we've already talked about are provided as well.

1. Soup Dragons - Mother Universe (Big Life)

2. The Farm - Stepping Stone (Produce) 

3. Revenge - Pineapple Face (Factory)

4. The Shamen - Pro-Gen (One Little Indian)

5. New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Big (Pias)

6. Finitribe - Monster In The House (Mute)

7. Family Cat - Remember What It Is That You Love (Bad Girl) - Bonus Track

Well, here we are - the solitary bonus track on "Take Four" of the Indie Top Video series is a really rather unremarkable little treat, a single which was in and out of the Indie charts so quickly it honestly barely registered with me at the time.

The Family Cat were still riding on the strong goodwill of their debut single "Tom Verlaine", and "Remember" is a rather plodding stadium chant of a track, consisting of one chorus, some instrumental riffage and very little else. As the band's career progressed, they would start to use anthemic choruses with greater frequency, as we'll witness on "Steamroller" when we get to it. "Remember" feels like a dry demo run for those tracks, and while there's power in them there guitars, it sounds like a faintly agreeable plodder of a B-side rather than something which should have been given top billing.

Given that it's the only moment we'll be talking about on this compilation, I feel slightly guilty and irritated with myself that I can't find anything to say apart from that. Sorry. Leave a comment if you want to offer more appreciation or analysis, but I'm calling this a misfire.

8. Wolfhounds - Rite of Passage (Midnight Music)

9. Birdland - Sleep With Me (Lazy)

10. See See Rider - She Sings Alone (Lazy)

11. AC Marias - One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing (Mute)

12. Heart Throbs - Dreamtime (One Little Indian)

13. Lush - De-Luxe (4AD)

14. The Sundays - Joy (Rough Trade)

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